April 2, 2015


My current obsession with paper flowers had me trawling the internet last night, for natural specimens suitable for making paper versions. I found this amazingly gorgeous image on one of my Pinterest boards, and made these today. Tiny versions of poppies, with at dash of emphera.

Have fun creating!
– Christine


February 11, 2015

The best Easter cake - white chocolate and licorice

This super fantastic white chocolate and licorice cake has just been published in the Danish magazine Countryliv, that comes out with Isabellas. Here you can find the recipe in English:

White Chocolate with licorice and Almond flour:

150 gram butter
150 gram white chocolate
150 gram cane sugar, the light one
3 eggs
2-3 teaspoon licorice powder
100 gram almond flour

Heat up the oven at 175 degrees C
Place baking paper in the button of a medium sized round baking tray, which
also has been buttered inside.
Slowly melt butter and white chocolate in a pot at low heat.
Let it cool down.

Whip cane sugar, eggs and licorice powder well. Poor in the melted and cooled down chocolate and butter.
Gentle turn in the almond flour.
Poor the dough in the baking tray

Bake 40-45 minutes.

When finished cool the cake, and place it in the refrigerator over night.

Cut in small pieces, grate white chocolate over the cake, and here served with rosmary flowers and Easter chocolate eggs.

Best regards
Tina Brok


December 28, 2014

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas

Back from a nice Christmas holiday with the family I thought I just would like to share pictures from a nice little Christmas weekend trip I made mid December. We visited the cozy Rosendals Julemarked in Aalgaarde in north Seeland. I like the country style rusticness of the place, you can buy your Christmas tree, drink Glögg and eat Æbleskiver and then you can also buy fresh shoot pheasants. I really would like to try one of these pheasants one day, but first I have to learn how to clean them. Good job I have a friend that hunt and know how.

Merry Christmas
and a happy new year
Tina Brok


July 27, 2014

Ulpedulle – sweetest Yarn Barn in Tisvildeleje

While also enjoying the Sun and the Sea, this petite yarn store in Tisvildeleje, is most definately worth a visit. Here, the owner Susanne Fogh sells tiny skeins of lovely, self-dyed wool and silk, in delicate colours. The skeins are labeled: »Dried Walnut Shells, 1st bath«, »Dried leaves of Birch, 3rd bath, overdyed with Indigo« and so on.

I fell in love with these bright colors:

And ended up making a (one of many, I should hope) little bookmark:

You can see the entire post and all of the pictures on my blog here: christineclemmensen.blogspot.com


May 14, 2014

Iasos – Turkey

Went to Iasos this weekend for reseach and inspiration

The food there was wonderful, and Turkish tea as well :-)

We had cheese, fresh tomatoes and olives for breakfeast,and aubergine heaven for lunch (and dinner) – I must learn how to make this:

I truly hope to come back to this place.


May 12, 2014

So simple so nice - Ostemad


So simple so nice - OSTEMAD - ryebread with Lurpak butter and a good cheese, and a fresh made cup og coffee. We love Cafe Rosa at Torvehallerne in Copenhagen. Maya the Japanese owner make a fantastic ryebread, actually Ryebread is the whole reason why she is in Denmark. She loves ryebread and wanted to be able to make the best ryebread,and where else but in the ryebread homeland - Denmark - could she learn it better. So back in 2003 she packed her suitecase and moved from Tokyo to Aarhus, in Jutland in Denmark to be an intern in the bakeryshop Emmeryes. And we are glad she is still here at Cafe Rosa at Torvehallerne, in Copenhagen. Best regards Tina Brok


April 16, 2014

Happy Ester days.

Wish you all some happy and joyfull easter days. Hope you are doing something nice.
Best regards
Tina Brok


February 3, 2014

New catalog from Fabric Copenhagen - deluxe textiles.

Making the new catalog for Fabric Copenhagen is one of the reasons I have not posted much latetly.
I have together with the designer Annette Egholm made the catalog showing her private universe.

And now I am very happy to show the result on my other blog: tinabrokhansen.blogspot.com

Hope you will have a great day.
Tina Brok


December 31, 2013

Happy new year to all, may we have a fantastic 2014



November 12, 2013

Countland Magazine

My friend Martin Reinicke, the owner of the fanatstic flowershop Blomsterskuret in Copenhagen,
and I have been mentioned in the latest issue of the digital magazine;

Countland Magazine


Pictures from our August gettogether dinner in Martins lovely countryside house is shown
and us talking about the event. It was very nice to meet the lovely editor Sarah Lambersky,
who interviewed us in Copenhagen some months ago.

Here are a little more of the pictures from the Maroccan Harvest dinner with friends.


Seeing the pictures again I miss these nice August days, November is a little too rainy for my taste.

Best regards

Tina Brok  


August 13, 2013

...let the Christmas Games begin!

I know ... Christmas??? In August?

Well, to cut a short story long; last year I set out to make my own brandied cherries for the Christmas Cake, but alas, it seems that a good cherry season only comes along every second year—and last year wasn't one of 'em. Which means this year was! Yay!

And in the front yard of my childhood friend's garden is a cherry tree (can you hear the violins?) Oh yes, this year was going to be Christmas-Cake-with-home-made-cherries-year. For sure! (No pressure on the rest of the process of course ;-)

I remembered an old River Cottage episode with Pam Corbin making Cherry Brandy, mentioning that one could use the brandy soaked cherries for one's Christmas cake. The link with the recipe I followed and how-to is here, don't miss her sweet way and her adorable accent :-)

Cherry-O miss Sophie!


August 11, 2013

Everyday Food vol. II – Leftovers Deluxe

I love leftovers! I love looking into a – what appears to be – empty fridge, and an hour later have a filling meal. I don't like wasting or tossing food, so even the smallest bit of veggie, a tablespoon of hummus or two leftover potatoes—I'll save for later.
My leftovers tonight were: 3 rather limp endive salad heads, 6 baby potatoes, 2 1/2 day-old wheat buns, a few leftover black olives, a little leftover feta cubes and 1/2 zucchini. I also had a pomegranate that was still good, a block of Halloumi cheese, and had bought 3 artichokes and 6 king trumpet mushrooms on the market yesterday. There was more than enough food for the four of us, so of course there was ... yes: leftovers ;-) Which shall make a great lunch tomorrow, and a killer cream of artichoke heart!
1: King trumpet mushrooms, zucchini, red onion and halved endives, fried on very hot pan.
2: Chunky croutons with garlic, olive oil, rosemary and thyme.
3: Potato salad with dijon-walnut oil vinaigrette, parsley and thin-cut leek.
4: Grilled halloumi cheese
5: Feta, olives, chili and minced garlic
6: Cooked artichokes with cold butter
7: Kernels of pomegranate