December 17, 2010

Marzipan confections with raspberries and licorice.

A little time ago I went to a dinner with a group of fantastic women, I met through a job I had in a commmercial company - so glad to know them. Each of us had prepared a dish we brought along. Monica supprised us all with her homemade incredible Marzipan confections. The first bite was so different, a combination in tastes I had never tried before - but I fell in love at the spot - raspberries and licorice zirup.

Monica invited me to her home, so I could shoot pictures of the confections for this blog. And at the same time she showed me homemade delicate plum chutney, plum liqueur and plum vinegar, all spiced up with licorice aswell, which She also gave me recipies of, and that I got a chance to shoot aswell in her delicate home. Monica is a very talented graphic designer, and runs the company

The recipi for the Marzipan confections with Raspberries and licorice:

Raw marcipan
Licorice Zyrup - use the sweet licorice Zyrup (Here from a danish licorice company Bülows)
Raspberries - forzen are actually easiest to use
White chocolate
Dark chocolate or licorice powder for decoration

Cut the marcipan i slices of 0,5 cm, and role it flat, you can use a little icing sugar, so the marzipan do not stick.
Take one raspberry and fill it with the licorice zyrup, and place it on the flattend marzipan slice.
Wrap the raspberry in the marzipan and role it into a little ball.
Dipp it in melted white chocolate, and decorate it with either dark melted chocolate or licorice powder.
Let the made confections rest in the refrigerator a couble of hours before serving.
Can last 3-4 days in the fridge.

The recipes for the delicate homemade plum products; plum chutney with licorice, plum vinegar also with licorice, you can find below, though I promised Monica to wait to post her recipe for plum liqueur, as she thought it became a little too bitter, and she will try a new portion without the plum skin next fall.
Monica made all her very interesting plum products in fall from fresh plum from her fathers garten. it can be very difficult to come across fresh plums at this time a year, so I have decided to post the recipes here, but also repeat them next fall. You can also find a danish version below.

Happy holidays to all
Regards Tina Brok

Recipes for Plum chutney with licorice:
1,5 kilo sweet plums
4 apples
3 onions
2 handfull raisins
4 dl brown sugar
3 cm fresh giner root
2 big cloves of garlic
1 teaspoon flake salt
1 teaspoon crushed clove
a little bit grounded cinnamon
500 ml white wine vinegar
4 pices of anis
0,5 dl Bülows licorice zirup

Halv the plums and take out the stones.
Peel the apples and cut them into small pices.
Ginger, garlic and the onions shall be chopped finely
put everything, except the zirup, in a pot and bring to boil
When it has been boiling for a few minutes, turn down the heat and
put in the licorice zirup.
Let it all cook for 1 hour for low heat untill it is tender.

Put the chutney into scalded and Atamon(to prevent mold) flushed glases.
The chutney will be ready to eat after two months.

The chutney is fantastic for lam, beef loin, cheese, or in a good winther casserole.

Plum vinegar with licorice:
12-15 plums
2 sprigs of thyme
2 teaspoon mustard seeds
2 clove of garlic
1 tablespoon peppercorns
750 ml white wine vinegar

Heat up 1 dl of the white wine vinegar with the 0,5 dl licorice zirup, so the zirup dissolve.
Put all the ingredients in a patent bottle with a big opening, and pour in the vingar zirup and the rest of the white wine vinegar.
Let it rest 2-3 weeks before using. Filter the vinegar into another bottle before using.
Good for sauces and dressings.

Danske Versioner:

Marcipan konfekt med hindbær og lakrids
Bülows lakrids sirup - brug den søde lakrids sirup - her fra Bülows Lakrids
Hindbær - kan godt være frosne - det er faktisk lettere
Hvid chokolade
Pynt: Mørk chokolade eller lakridspulver

Skær marcipanen ud i ca 0,5 cm skiver og rul ud, brug evt. flormelis,
så det ikke klistrer til rullen.
Tag et hindbær og fyld det med sirup
læg det på den udrullede marcipan.
Pak hindbæret ind i marcipanen og rul til en kugle eller aflang pakke.
Dyp i smeltet hvid chokolade.
Pynt med mørk smeltet chokolade eller lakridspulver.

De har godt af at stå i køleskabet et par timer inden serveringen.
Kan holde sig i 3-4 dage i køleskabet.

Blommechutney med lakrids:
1,5 kg søde blommer
4 æbler
3 løg
2 håndfulde rosiner
4 dl farin
3 cm frisk ingefær
2 store fed hvidløg
1 tsk salt
1 tsk knuste nelliker
en smule stødt kanel
500 ml hvidvins eddike
4 stk. anis
0,5 dl Bülows lakrids sirup

Halver blommerne og fjern stenene. Æblerne skrælles og skæres i små stykker.
ingefær, hvidløg og løg hakkes fint.
Alt - pånær sirup kommes i en gryde og koges op.
Når blandingen har kogt i få min skrues der ned og lakrids sirupen kommes i.
Det hele skal simre i ca. 1 time til blandingen er mør.

Chutneyen kommes i skoldede glas skyllet i Atamon.
spiseklar efter et par måneder.
Chutneyen er fantastisk til lam, mørbrad, ost og i vintergryderetter.

Blommeeddike med lakrids:
12-15 blommer
2 kviste frisk timian
2 tsk sennepsfrø
2 fed hvidløg
1 spsk peberkorn
750 ml hvidvins eddike

Varm 1 dl eddike op med 0,5 dl lakrids sirup, så det opløses.
Kom alle ingredienser i et glas eller patentflaske med stor mundåbning.
Hæld eddikesirupen over ingredienserne, samt resten af eddiken.
Lad det stå og trække i 2-3 uger inden brug.
Det er en god idé at si eddiken over i et nyt glas når det er færdig med at trække og inden brug.

Blommeeddiken er god i sauser og dressinger.

Opskriften på Blommelikøren følger til efteråret.

Bedste hilsner
Tina Brok


December 2, 2010

Flæskesteg og Risalamande - Danish traditional Christmas food - Roasted pork loin with cracklings and rice dessert with almonds.

If someone knows how to make the traditional danish Christmas dinner, it is my friend Nynne Encke, who thogeher with her american husbond Richard Duers, runs a fantastic takeaway saladbar and catering place in Copenhagen - Encke & Duers. They make very interesting and tasting salads, all from the ground - I would say one of the best in Copenhagen.

I shoot the pictures of this rosted pork a gray november morning, and had it for "breakfast" afterward - just fantastik organic, juicy with great crispy crackling - and I am very picky with my pork..... hi hi.

I have been so lucky to post her recipies here, and below I also show pictures from one of there two place - Vesterbrogade 204. She serves the pork with a cranberry and apple compote, and for dessert I shoot and ate - Risalamande, very traditional dessert we danes eat Christmas eve. And Nynnes is also just a little bit better. Maybee I can lure other recipies out of her later on, check the delicious cake below or the healthy beetroot salad.

Find the Christmas recipies below.

The best wishes for Christmas.
Tina Brok

Find the recipies for the roasted pork loin, cranberry compote and rice dessert here. You can also find a danish version below.

Regards Tina Brok

Roasted port loin with cracklings:

One organic pork loin
Pepper Corn
Bay laurel

If the pork skin is not cut very deep, cut it a little more.
Rub the pork loin with a good flake salt, hole peppercorn and stick
some bay laurel in the cracks.

Fry it in the oven at 180 degrees C. for 2 hours, and shut off the heat
and leave it to rest in there for another hour before serving.

Canberry and apple compote:

500 gram fresh cranberries
100 gram organic can sugar
1 organic orange - just the finely grated skin
1 hole vanilla pod
6-7 small pigon apples - small slighty bitter tasting apple

Cook the cranberries until they just crack with the sugar, grated orange shell,
and the cut open vanilla pod.
Peel the apples, cut into smaller pieces and turn them in the hot compote.

Rice desserts with almonds and hot cherry sauce:

1 liter organic fat milk - sødmælk
120 gram organic rice - round ones for porridge
5 tablespoons light can sugar
2 vanilla pods
100 gram peeled almonds
0,5 liter organic 38% wipping creme - might use a little more
2-3 tablespoon castor sugar - powdered sugar -

Cook a porridge of the milk and rice, at low heat for around an hour.
When it is finished turn in the the vanilla pod seeds, you have scrabed out.
And the 5 tablespoons can sugar.
Cool it totally down. Good to make it the day before using.

wip the creme, and chop the peeled almonds.
If the cold porridge is a little too dry, stir some unwipped creme in, so it becomes more soft.

Turn in the wipped creme and chopped almonds ,and if you want it sweeter turn in some powedered sugar, and a little more vanilla.
As a little variation you could put in a little grated organic lemon shell, give a more untraditional taste.

Serve with hot cherry sauce:

0,5 liter cherry juice
2 hole cinnamon
1 hole vanilla pod
alot of cherries without stones
organic can sugar
Maizena - for making it a little thicker

Boil the cherry juice with sugar, vanilla pod, cinnamon and the portvine.
Make it a little more thick with Maizena, boil a little more and put in the berrie
and heat them up in the sauce. Serve luke warm.

Merry Christmas

Dansk version:
Flæskesteg med sprødt sværd:
1 økologisk flæskesteg
hele peber korn
laubær blade

Hvis værdene er skåret meget overfladiske, giv dem et dybere rids.
Gnid stegen med havsalt, peberkornene, og stik laurbladene ned mellem sværdene.
Steges i ovnen ved 180 grader i to timer, og lad den hvile i den slukkede ovn for endnu en time, inden serveringen.

Tranebær æblekompot:
500 gram store friske tranebær
100 gram økologisk rørsukker
revet skal af 1 økologisk appelsin
1 hel vanillie stang
6-7 Pigon æbler - skåret i mindre både.

Tranebærene koges op med sukker, appelsinskal, vanillie til de lige springer,derefter vendes pigonæble stykkerne i den endnu varme kompot.

Risalamande med lun kirsebærsauce.

1 liter økoligisk sødmælk
120 gram økologiske grødris
5 spsk lys rørsukker
2 vanillie stænger
100 g hele smuttede mandler - hakkes
flormelis til ekstra sødning og evt. lidt mere vanillie korn.

Kog risengrøden af mælken og grødrisene, i cirka en time for lav varme.
Når den er færdig vendes rørsukker og de udskrabede vanillie korn i.

Grøden afkøles helt - lav den evt. dagen før.
Rør den kolde grød med lidt upisket fløde, for at få den mere blød.
Vend let pisket fløde og de hakkede mandler i og evt. lidt mere vanillie korn.
Smag til med flormelis.
Du kan også prøve en variation med lidt fintrevet økologisk cironskal,
det giver en frisk smag - men nogle synes jo ikke der skal røres ved traditionerne! hi hi


0.5 liter kirsebærsaft
1 vanillie stang
2 hele kanaestænger
Massere af stenfri kirsebær
økoligisk rørsukker

Kog kirsebærsaften med sukker, hel kanel, vanillie og portvin.
Jævn opkoget med maizena, kog sovsen klar, og tilsæt bærene.
serveres lunken.

God fornøjelse og rigtig gode juledage
Tina Brok