March 20, 2011

Beau Marché Café à Vins; new cozy French café in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen has got a little pearl, a new French wine café, hidden away from the hectic city life in a cozy backyard in Ny Østergade 32 in the city center - Beau Marché Café à Vins. Here you can relax and enjoy a glass of great French wine of their own import, or a really good café au lait made on their old retro Faema coffee machine. The café is located in a charming little house behind the interior shop of the same name - Beau Marché, where French design and vintage are sold. The Beau Marché empire is run by the three siblings Julie, Elisabeth and Christian Lee Dann, who grew up in France near Genève. They are danish, but have taken their passion for the French quality back to Copenhagen. The Café has been decorated with help from the Danish architect Klaus Wettergren, who also designed their long fantastic solid wood table, where you easily get into conversation with the other guests of the café. In the comming spring they will serve you outside in their cozy backyard. It is a seldom little spot with a lot of atmosphere, a small oasis with a little more soul.
Besides a variety of French wines, which their parents sellect in France, they also serve classical French delicacies, cheeses, Foie Gras etc., and they make great simple and honest warm sandwiches, like the Croque Monsieur, bread with a good crumb, ham, Gruyére cheese and French mustard. And finially they make the classical Boeuf Bourguignon, served with potato puré and a green salad with a Balsamico-mustard dressing. Great meal with a good glass of wine. All their wines are also served per glass, so you can taste difference of the french drops.
Beau Marche Café à Vins Ny Østergade 32 1101 Copenhagen K phone: +45 55 77 14 30 opening hours: mon. - wed.: 10-18 thurs. - sat.: 10-21 Here you can find the recipe of the classic Boeuf Bourguignon.
Best reards Tina Brok
Boeuf Bourguignon:
Basically Boeuf Bourguignon is a stew of beef with a more rough structure braised in red wine and beef stock, flavored with smooked bacon, garlic, onions, carrots and herbs end parsley roots, if you like.
The traditional vegetable are small pearl onions and small mushrooms.
1,6 kilo of beef
 200 gram smooked bacon
100 gram butter
20 small pearl onions
2 middle sized carrots
2 parsley roots (can be left out)
4 cloves of garlic
60 gram of flour
5 dl red wine (the Bourgogne type)
5 dl boiling beef stock 250 gram small mushrooms
1 bouquet garni (parsley,thyme and bay leaf tied together in af small bouquet)
salt pepper
Cut the beef in 3-4 cm cubes and the bacon in small slices. Melt the butter in a big frying pot. Put in the small pearl onions and bacon slices and roast them well, take them up and leave on a plate for later. Fry the meat well in the same pot. When the beef are well roasted sprinkle the flour on, and let it brown while stirring. Add the garlic, half of the chopped carrots and parsley roots, and add the boiling beef stock.
Put in the fryed bacon and onions and add the red wine. Add salt and pepper and the bouquet garni, and cook the dish under lid and low heat for 3 hours. Hereafter add the mushrooms, cut in slices and the rest of the carrots and parsley roots, and let the dish cook for further half an hour at low heat.
You can also add a little tomato puré if you like. Take up the bouquet garnie.
The sauce has to be a little thick, but if it is too thick add a little water and heat up.
Potato puré Make a classic potato puré, with potatoes boiled without salt. When cooked mash the potatoes with butter, milk and good olive oil. Taste with salt. Sprinkle with pepper, a little olive oil and shopped sugar peas.
Salad dressing The dressing for the green salad is made with
good olive oil,
good balsamico and french mustard,
a little salt and pepper.
Use the salad leaves that you prefer,and cut open the sugar peas and small sweet tomatoes.
DANSK VERSION: Boeuf Bourguignon: Basalat set er boeuf bourguignon en stuvning af oksekød af grovere struktur (fx okseklump) braiseret i rødvin og oksefond, smagt til med røget flæsk/bacon, hvidløg, løg, gulerødder og krydderurter og evt. persillerødder. Det tradionelle tilbehør er perleløg/skalotteløg og små champignons.
Ingredienser: 1.6 kg. skært oksekød
200 g. bacon/røget flæsk
100 g. smør
20 perleløg
2 mellemstore gulerødder
 2 persillerødder (kan undlades)
4 fed hvidløg
60 g. mel (4 spsk..)
5 dl. rødvin (Bourgogne type)
5 dl. oksebouillon
250 g. champignon
1 bouquet garni (persille, timian og laurbærblad bundet sammen)
salt peber
Skær oksekødet i 3-4 cm. brede terninger og bacon i små terninger. Lad smørret smelte i en stor stegegryde. Tilsæt hele perleløg og bacon terninger og rør godt i det. Når løg og bacon er godt ristede, tag dem op og behold dem på en tallerken. I den samme gryde, lad kødet svitse godt. Når terningerne er godt ristede, drys dem med mel og lad dem brune under omrøring. Tilsæt halvdelen af de skiveskårede gulerødder og evt. persillerødder og svits. Tilsæt derefter den varme bouillon. Tilsæt bacon og løg tilbage i gryden og hæld rødvinen over det. Tilsæt salt og peber samt bouquet garni. Lad retten koge med låg på over svag varme i 3 timer. Efter det, tilsæt champignon skåret i skiver samt resten af gulerødderne og persillerødderne og lad retten koge yderligere i 1/2 time, stadig ved svag varme. Man kan også tilsætte en anelse tomatpuré. Fjern bouquet garnien og hæld på et fad. Saucen skal være en smule tyk, men ikke alt for fast. Er den det, kan man tilsætte en smule vand. Tips: Som skært oksekød kan bruges bov, tykkam, inderlår, yderlår eller klump.
Kartoffelpuré: Lav en klassisk puré med kogte kartofler, de koges uden salt, mos dem med smør, lunken mælk og lidt god olivenolie. Smag til med salt. Drys med friskkværnet peper og snittede sykkerærter, og en sjat olivenolie.
Salat dressing: Dressingen blandes af en god olivenolie, en god balsamico eddike og fransk Dijon sennep, lidt salt op pepper. Brug de salatblade du foretrækker, og snit sukkerærter og små søde tomater op. Hæld dressingen over lige inden serveringen.
God appetit.
Tina Brok


March 13, 2011

Tomato soup with celeriac and thyme.

This weekend in the countryside I found a little sunbeam, in which I could shoot my lovely tomato and celeriac soup. Just a little pretaste of spring with mild weather, but frost is comming again this following week. A little hard to cope with more cold weather. Well, but I feel glad and hopeful when I watch the red orange soup in the sun.

The tomatosoup is made with a lot of healthy celeriac - cellery root(knoldselleri), actually one of my favorite vegetables, often a little forgotten and misunderstood. Celeriac is also so tasty as fried chips, raw and grated in a Coleslaw, or baked in the owen with other roots. This easy toamto soup in also made with a couple of carrots to sweeten it a little. And lots of fresh Thyme and garlic. Find The recipe below

Hope you had a great weekend.
Tina Brok

Tomato soup with celeriac and fresh thyme:

1 big onion
half a celeriac, washed, peeled and cut into 1 cm big cubes
2 medium sized carrots, peeled and cut into pieces
12-15 small tomatoes, prefer San Marzano
1 can of peeled tomatoes
a small bunch of fresh thyme
2 cloves of garlic
2 tablespoon olive oil
1 top teaspoon of good bouillon powder( or if you have a good chicken stock)
half a liter of boiling water, or as much as needed to just cover the vegetables
1 teaspoon salt
freshly ground pepper

Creme fraiche and chopped chives for serving

Chop the onion rughly, and fry them in the olive oil for 2 min.
add the chopped carrots and celeriac, and fry for further 5 min.
may not get brown.
Add the chopped fresh tomatoes and fry for 2 more minutes.
Add the can of peeled tomatoes, the garlic,the bouillon powder, and
just cover with boiling water.
Put in the fresh thyme, flake salt and pepper.

Cook for 20 min at medium heat.
Blend the soup and serve with Creme Fraiche and chives.


Tomatsuppe med knoldselleri og frisk timian:

1 stort løg, groft hakket
1 halv knoldselleri, skrællet og skåret i 1 cm terninger
2 mellemstore gulerødder, skrællede og skåret i skiver
12-15 små modne tomater, gerne San Marzano eller blommetomater
1 dåse flåede tomater
2 fed hvisløg
1 kvist frisk timian
2 spsk. oliven olie
1 top tsk. boullion pulver (eller hvis du har kyllinge fond)
0.5 liter kogende vand, eller så det lige dækker grøntsagerne
1 tsk. flagesalt
Frisk kværnet pepper

Hak løget groft, og steg det i olivenolien til de er glasklare,
put de hakkede gulerødder og selleri tern i og steg i 5 min.
Det må ikke brune.
Tilsæt de friske hakkede tomater, steg i 2 min.
tilsæt de flåede tomater, hvidløg, timian kvistene.
Dæk (kun lige) grøntsagerne med det kogende vand, og tilsæt bouillon
pulver, salt og pepper.

Kog for middel varme i 20 min.

Server med Creme Fraiche og purløg.


March 4, 2011

Din Baghave - Your Backyard.

For long time I have been missing a Farmers Market here in Copenhagen, with fresh vegetable from the local area. Now I have found one, but in the form of a shop in my local neigborhood - Din Baghave - Your Backyard it is called, and a very stylish one. I passed by today to shop and made this photo session.
So many great products I feel like trying out.

Din Baghave - Your Backyard has been started by Mette Helbaek, a journalist and ex restaurant owner and philantropist - she would like to change the world, by supplying us with quality vegetable. she simply love vegetable direct from farm to fork, and why not eat local grown vegetables, that are in season and hasnt been wrapped in plastic and transported over longe distances. It is crazy all the wrapping we have to throw away after a trip to the supermarked. Let us reduce the waste and eat more from the local farmers. It is good for the environment and for our stomachs.

I really like that more and more quality products are produced in my local area and the tendency that more reputable restaurants are using nordic products are fantastic.
I could have bought for a fortune today, really felt like trying it all, and put nice food on the blog made from these fantastic products. Some of the things, besides all the fantastic vegetables, I certainly have to try out are:

1. Din Baghaves home made pickled onions or beetroots.

2. Freshly grinded flour - they grind the wheat it in the shop. Fantastic

3. Sourdough for making your own bread - The sourdough was started 25 years ago!

4. Danish grown wine, carzy that we can now grow wine here.

5. The latest hit: Danish cherry wine from Frederiksdals Castle. Maybe that will be a new trend.

6. Fresh fish every week.

I am so greatfull about this shop, thank you Mette for starting it.She actually has started a Farmers Market last summer, but in a neigborhood i seldom visits, so thats why I have missed out on it, so glad there is one close by now:

Din Baghave - the shop
Tullinsgade 10
Vesterbro, Copenhagen ,Dk
Mon.-friday 10:00 - 18:00
Saturday 10:00 - 15:00

Din Baghave - market stall
Victor Borges Plads
Oesterbro, Copenhagen, Dk
Friday 12:00 - 17:00
Saturday 10:00 - 15:00

Hope you will support this amazing concept where ever you are in the world, there must be something like that nearby you.

Best wishes for at better world.
Tina Brok

Dansk version Din Baghave.

I lang tid har jeg savnet et Farmers Market her i København, med friske grøntsager direkte fra egnens landmænd. Nu har jeg fundet et, men i form af en rigtig butik i mit lokale kvarter - Din Baghave, i Tullinsgade ved skønne Værnedamsvej. Jeg var forbi i dag for at handle og fik samtidig taget denne lille foto session.

Din Baghave er startet af Mette Helbæk, journalist, tidligere restaurant ejer og filantrop - hun vil gerne være med til at ændre verden ved at levere friske kvalitets grøntsager til os. Hun elsker grøntsager fra jord til mund, og hvorfor ikke spise lokalt dyrkede grøntsager, der er i sæson, og ikke wrappet i plastik og skumbakker, og ikke transporterede over lange afstande, med stort forbrug af fosile brændstoffer. Det er helt vild og temmelig skrækkelig al det plast affald vi smider ud efter en tur i supermarkedet.
Lad os reducere affald og spise sunde grøntsager fra de lokale grøntsagsdyrkere.
Det er godt for miljøet og godt for vores maver.

Jeg er helt vild med den tendens der er kommet for at producere kvalitetsprodukter i vores lokalområder og det faktum at flere velrenomerede restauranter bruger råvarer fra Danmark og Norden.

Jeg kunne have købt for en mindre formue idag, jeg havde virkelig lyst til at prøve rigtig mange af Din Baghaves produkter, og lave skøn mad til bloggen her.

Nogle af de ting jeg bare må prøve snart, udover de fantastiske grøntsager er:

1. Din Baghaves hjemme syltede løg og rødbeder.

2. Frisk malet mel, malet i en lille kværn, mens du venter.

3. Surdej, til at bage dit eget surbrød med, har ladt mig fortælle af surdejen er startet for 25 år siden.

4. Dansk dyrkede wine - vildt at vi kan dyrke vinranker her.

5. Og det sidste hit; Dansk produceret kirsebærvin, det må skabe ny trend. Skal prøves til en dessert.

6. Og så er der frisk fisk, i denne uge var det rå torskerogn - bukser, næste uge fladfisk.

Jeg er så taknemmelig for Din Baghave - tak Mette for at åbne den, for det gode initiativ. Faktisk startede hun et Farmers Market på Østerbro sidste sommer, men det er åbenbart gået min næse forbi, og så kommer jeg ikke så ofte den vej. Så jeg er glad for butikken i mit kvarter - Vesterbro.

Håber i alle vil støtte konceptet, og med håb for en bedre verden.

Tina Brok