June 22, 2011

Pictures from a very cozy garden fair i Copenhagen.

Finally finally I came around to post this little photo medley from the garden fair "Mit Hjem er mit Slot" in the beginning of June. Have been pretty buisy with jobs, hard but nice.

The weather was perfect, the flowers beautiful, great food and fantastic cakes, and a lot of good things to spend money on. I bought very good quality of bed linens, black linen napkins, flowers, a small antique coffée maker (see below) and finally a little Goi Berry bush, believe it or not but they grow in Denmark, thought it was a berry from Tibet.

This is my new great little French antique coffée maker.

PORCHETTA: Italien dish served at the fair.

Pork roled up with a filling of:

Read wine
salt and pepper

Served with puré of green peas, marinated butter beans and cabbage.

And this is my new little Goi Berry bush (Lycium Barbarum) in Danish Bukke Torn. I have planted it in the country side, so I am excitet to get Berries in my garden instead of buying them in the health store.

Cakes are from:
Taste Café
Grannys House

Cheeses and sausages:
Helges Ost



Fabric Copenhagen

The Garden Fair:
Mit Hjem er mit Slot

Best reards
Tina Brok